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Week 2 - Project Cars 2 Empty Week 2 - Project Cars 2

Post by Zarf Wed May 29, 2019 4:02 pm

Week 2 - Project Cars 2 PC2-w2
Main Details

This is an event that will last a full week and you can change your time as many times as you like.
Setups are not Allowed
Any platform can take partAny platform can take part
Week 2 - Oschersleben C Circuit - Mercedes E190 2.5 DTM

There will be points awarded down to 8th fastest on the following basis:

1st - 11 Points
2nd - 9 Points
3rd - 7 Points
4th - 5 Points
5th - 4 Points
6th - 3 Points
7th - 2 Points
8th - 1 Points

Treat this as a normal championship only difference is its all week not just on a specific date, try your best and have fun!

Car for Round 2 is :

Mercedes E190 2.5 DTM

And Track to go with it is

Oschersleben C Circuit

To place a time on the leaderboard you must place a screenshot in this thread
the screenshot must be like the following either from the main menu or from in time trial its self



As setups are not allowed if found to have used one your time will not count and you may have to complete another time

If you are wanting to be apart of this time trial challenge sign up below on here as followed :
- (This is also Week 2 thread so if you sign up please place screenshots on here after signing up)

Console :
User Tag :
Have you read the information :

(Dont sign up again if you have completed a week already)

Once you have completed your time please just post the screenshot and time in text form in this thread
(Please note if you have any problems uploading images to here please send them to me on xbox GT : Zarf

TIme Trial Leaderboard so far:

DDR1988 -
ThorZA16 -
FAF Stoned Stig -
micko39 -
Zarf -




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