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Post by Zarf on Thu Oct 25, 2018 3:56 pm

All Information & Registration Test

Hotlap Challenge is back and is better than ever! spanning 6 rounds in random car & track combinations who will win season 2?
This is not a racing series it is a fastest lap time set in the 25 minute qualifying session wins.

All Information & Registration P1

D1 - Round 1 --- 8pm GMT Time - 29/10/2018 --- Monday Night ---- Sign in via our discord :
D2 - Round 2 ---8pm GMT Time - 05/11/2018 --- Monday Night
D3 - Round 3 --- 8pm GMT Time - 12/11/2018 --- Monday Night
D4 - Round 4 --- 8pm GMT Time - 19/11/2018 --- Monday Night
D5 - Round 5 --- 8pm GMT Time - 26/11/2018 --- Monday Night
D6 - Round 6 --- 8pm GMT Time - 03/12/2018 --- Monday Night

Each round will last about 30 minutes.

All Information & Registration P2
Each entry will be a solo effort, there will be a maximum of 16 drivers as that is how many can be in one lobby on Project Cars 2. The lobby will be set to a 25 minute qualifying session, in that time you can set as many laps as you want and the fastest time will win that round.
Each round when everyone is in the lobby i myself (Zarf) will put each car and track into a random wheel spinner and the outcome of this will determine what car and track combo we will do for that round.
there are 9 different cars and 9 separate tracks that can be chosen but we will only run for 6 rounds, adding more tracks and car combo's means it's harder to practice all the different options when it comes nearer to the end of the season.

All Information & Registration P4
Season Calendar

All Information & Registration P5
Season Calendar

All Information & Registration P3
The points will be scored on the following basis:

1st - 24 Points
2nd - 20 Points
3rd - 16 Points
4th - 13 Points
5th - 10 Points
6th - 8 Points
7th - 6 Points
8th - 4 Points
9th - 2 Points
10th - 1 Points

All Information & Registration P6
Setups will be set to default

All Information & Registration P7
The Assists for the championship will be set to only ABS and Traction Control. It is upto you if you want to run them or not.
the view will not be locked.

Force Cockpit - No
Force manual gears - Yes
Damage type - Full Damage
Mechanical Failures - Yes
Pit Stop Errors - No
Tyre Wear - Authentic
Fuel Depletion - Yes
Force Cooldown Lap - Won't Apply
ABS - Yes
Traction Control - Yes
Stability Control  - No

All Information & Registration P8
If you don't understand anything please ask me on here or through private message.

All Information & Registration P9
Registered Users : (4)

Zarf - UK
ThorZA16 - RSA
FAF Stoned Stig - UK
OTL Milo - UK

Register using this:

Gamertag :
Country :
Have you read & understood the Challenge? :

Once signed up to the league if signing up on our website sign in for the rounds through our discord found here : Sign in via our discord :




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