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Post by Zarf on Sat Aug 18, 2018 3:29 am

Registration & All Information - LMP2 Header_Image
Admin for this league is Zarf

5 rounds of thrilling high speed action in LMP2 cars, around the globe at some of the most famous race tracks. Who will come out on top at the end of season?

Registration & All Information - LMP2 Hr_1
Date 1 - Sign Up Registration (18th Of August)
Date 2 - Car selection & Team Registration (26th Of August)
Date 3 - Championship First Round (2nd Of September)
Date 4 - Championship Last Round (30th Of September)

Season Calendar

Registration & All Information - LMP2 Hr_9

Round 1 - Watkins Glen GP - 2nd of September
Round 2 - Ruapuna Park GP - 9th of September
Round 3 - Imola - 16th of September
Round 4 - Long Beach - 23rd of September
Round 5 - Nürburgring GP - 30th of September

Weather for races & time of day will be decided at the start of the week when the race thread gets posted online

Season Calendar
Car cap for this championship is 4 unless we get two divisions then it would be 6 on a first come first served basis.
So get the car you want quick.

If you pick a car and don't turn upto to the first two races your car will be given back to be chosen again.
If you then choose to race the other races you will not be able to qualify for the rest of the season. (This does not apply to people who sign up whilst the season has already begun.)

Registration & All Information - LMP2 Hr_2
Lobbys will start at 8:00pm BST on the Sundays on the calendar.
Please be on before the time at
7:55pm BST so we can sort the lobbies quicker.

The qualifying session will be 15 minutes long.

The race start type is Standing.
Each race will last around 50 minutes.

Registration & All Information - LMP2 Hr_3
Auto Start Engine - Yes
Forced Interior View - Yes
Forced Driving Line Off - Yes
Forced Default Setups - No
Forced Manual Gears - Yes
Forced Realistic Driving Aids - Yes (These Cars Only Have Traction Control)
Damage Type - Full Damage
Mechanical Failures - Yes
Ghosted Vehicles - Yes
Manual Pitstops - Yes
Pit Stop Errors - No
Tyre Wear - Authentic
Fuel Depletion - Yes
Cooldown Lap - Yes

Registration & All Information - LMP2 Hr_4
Points are scored on the following basis:

1st - 22 Points
2nd - 19 Points
3rd - 16 Points
4th - 13 Points
5th - 11 Points
6th - 9 Points
7th - 7 Points
8th - 4 Points
9th - 2 Points
10th - 1 Points

There is one extra point awarded in for the fastest qualifier.
Points after the positions shown will not receive any points.
Points are only awarded after 80% is complete so if you lag out before then you wont receive any points.

Registration & All Information - LMP2 Hr_5
Teams can be up to a maximum of 2 drivers.
Teammates don't have to run the same car.
If you don't pick a team mate we will pick one for you to make the team championship more competitive.
You cannot have a teammate in a different Division to yourself. (If we have more than one division)
There will be no drop rounds in this series so if you can't make a race just let us know in that race thread.

Registration & All Information - LMP2 Hr_6

Safety cars will be a thing in this series, this will change the racing massively if we have one during the middle of the race, but there are some rules when calling a safety car As myself (Zarf) can't see everything on track.

Incidents must involve two people at the least, if you call for a safety car you MUST record the clip so we can watch the incident after the race, if a call doesn't reach the standard for calling a safety car there will be serious repercussions for the person calling out for one.
The damage sustained must not be a light tap meaning if two people or more are going into a corner and they both run off the track sustaining no aero damage then this is not a safety car.
If however someone dives up the inside of someone taking themselves out and the other driver/s and the people involved get damage of it and lose a considerable amount of time for the incident then this will call for a safety car.

This also mean that the person who is responsible for the incident will then be penalised after the race.

Safety cars cannot be called after 75% of the race is complete.

Admins will review all evidence submitted in due course and any penalties will be applied before the next race.

Registration & All Information - LMP2 Hr_7
If multiple disconnects happen as is prone to happen in this game another admin or race host will be asked to host a new lobby if this doesnt fix it then we can postpone a round and complete it at a later date.

Try to reset your Xbox before 8:00 pm BST so we can bypass people not getting invites to the lobby.

Please make sure your connection is fine and your ports are forwarded (even if your connection acts fine)
Try, your ping is the most important (lower=better, generally below 50ms).

Registration & All Information - LMP2 Hr_8

Please copy the format below in order to register for the this championship (LMP2 Mini Championship)

Country of Origin:
Have you read all the Information?
Have you read about the safety car?





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