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Post by Wezley on Sun Jun 24, 2018 10:55 am

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Organizers for this league are Mystic x Block & ThorZA16 there may be additional people helping organize Divisions on the night these people are not admins but they are race hosts if you have any questions just send us a message on Xbox or via private message on this website.

Track For the seeding run is Silverstone GP & the car is the BMW M6 GTLM. ( Any other cars used in the seeding run will not count and will be asked to complete it again)

In order to register for the GTE Global Championship, 1 seeding run must be completed. We will be running multiple divisions based on the amount of registrations we receive, so the run will determine your Division for the season.
For your run you must complete it in the time trial mode.
You can use any of the assists you want to complete your seeding run with, just let us know down below which ones you have used or not used.
We will also be running a locked cockpit for Division 1 so you may want to practice in this view.
After completing the seeding run, please take a screenshot/photo of your timing screen which shows the time trial mode. Then please post these photo/screenshot to this thread along with your name and Gamertag.

Seeding runs will be taken up-to the 10th of July where ThorZA16 and Mystic x Block will pick which Division you will be in and reveal it on the same day.
We will try to keep the lobbies equal to keep them fun and competitive.

On the 11th of July the Car Selection and Team Registration will go live.  

You can have as many revisions to your times as you would like just update your original post and say "Updated Times"

ThorZA16 : Not Completed Yet

Make sure your in the correct car and track!!

Please use the format below to post your seeding run for the season and post your screenshots below it.






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