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Round 2 Imola Sign In/Out Empty Round 2 Imola Sign In/Out

Post by Zarf on Wed May 09, 2018 2:31 am

Round 2 Imola Sign In/Out Top_Bar
Important things i need to mention before we start round 2.

1.Division 1 in my eyes went really well last night upto the point were we called a safety car and had a language barrier or someone not having a mic and just going round on there own, and the whole lobby basically crashing but past that i don't think it went that bad after we restarted so thank you all.

2.Unfortunately we do have a penalty to hand out for GT R blanchou61 for an unneeded incident causing FAF Stoned Stig to lose all track positions and the penalty is a qualifying ban meaning blanchou61 can not set a time in qualifying at imola.

Here is the clip Incident

Round 2 Imola Sign In/Out Imola
Round 2 Imola Sign In/Out Date_2

Round 2 Imola Sign In/Out R9
1. 15 Minute qualyfying
2. Race one will last around 25 minutes
3. Race two will have a formation lap & will last around 27 minutes

The party will start around 7:50pm BST for us to be ready for 8pm BST

Please Read through all the different rules have any questions about them, post them below or ask me via Xbox

Division 1 Host is : Zarf
Division 2 Host is B1200

Round 2 Imola Sign In/Out D1
Duration Type : Laps
Number of Laps : 11 Laps & 11+1 Formation lap (reverse grid)
In Game Date For Race : Custom Date 27th June 2018
Session Start Time : 12:00
Time Progression : Real Time
Season : Summer
Weather Slots : 1 (1. [b]Clear
Weather Progression : off
Start Type : Standing
Mandatory Pit Stop : No

Round 2 Imola Sign In/Out D2
Allow Start Engine - Yes
Force Interior View - Only In Division 1
Force Driving Line Off - Only In Division 1
Force Default Setups - Yes
Force Manual Gears - Yes
Force Realistic Driving Aids - Yes
Allow Anti Lock Brakes - No
Allow Traction Control - No
Allow Stability Control - No
Damage Type - Performance Impacting
Mechanical Failures - Yes
Allow Ghosted Vehicles - Yes
Force Manual Pitstops - Yes
Pit Stop Errors - No
Tyre Wear - Authentic
Fuel Depletion - Yes
Force Cooldown Lap -

Round 2 Imola Sign In/Out D3
Rules & Penalties - On
Track Limit Penalties - On
Allowable Time Penalty - 5 Seconds
Drive-Through Penalties - Off
Pit Exit Penalty - On
Competitive Racing License - Off

Round 2 Imola Sign In/Out D4
In - Zarf - Host
APP - Idiot1995 - Reserve Host
APP - Thorza16
APP - Mystic x Block
APP - FAF Stoned Stig
APP - FAF Helmet
APP - Epileptictoast
APP - HaveBlue112
APP - NWR Dragonlord
APP  - iiDelinquenTii
APP - GT R Truex
APP - ZikWize
APP - Reserve - GT R Blanchou61
APP - Reserve - GT R Steffan

Round 2 Imola Sign In/Out D5
APP - B1200  - Host
APP - BigDtheMighty
APP - The Crab84
APP  - GnarlyTag
APP   - SinCleaner72
APP - stevielow
APP - micko39
APP - farcrycm
APP - Simmosumo
APP - GT R The Wolf
APP - Reserve - A CyberRazorCut

Round 2 Imola Sign In/Out STANB




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