2018 IndyCar World Challenge Official Testing

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2018 IndyCar World Challenge Official Testing  Empty 2018 IndyCar World Challenge Official Testing

Post by Guest on Wed Oct 11, 2017 6:21 pm

2018 IndyCar World Challenge Official Testing Schedule.

Below are the dates for testing for the 2018 IndyCar World Series.
All sessions will be
1 hours testing
20 mins qualifying
2 lap race for road/street course and 10 laps for Ovals.
Wether will be one slot and CLEAR
In game time will be 12:00 right through with REAL TIME escalation.
There are no points for these events and they are purely for testing and group running experience.
Standard DSRL rules on etiquette apply.
Test will start at 21:00 GMT

21st Indianapolis Motor Speedway (Oval)

4th Circuit Barcelona GP

18th Daytona (Oval) Also 2018 Calendar and series announcement day.

2nd Road America. (Also 2018 final car selection day)

16th Texas Motor Speedway (Oval) Final Test

By December 2 all driver who intend on running the series must select a Car/Engine and run it at the test.
As with the 18 series there is no Engine manufacture swap.
A full car list will be made live soon.
At all times the right chassis must be run ie Speedway on ovals and Road on Road/Street

Also if I’m online and testing I’m more than happy to run unofficial tests and would encourage any one else who wants to as well.

I will post a Sign up Page either Sunday/Monday before the test.



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