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Post by TM aidtheace on Thu Jun 16, 2016 12:09 am

Welcome to the DSRL Ginetta Junior Sprint Cup Driver Bios.
Here’s where we will take a look at the drivers and teams entered for this season.
Firstly the teams.
There are so far 9 teams entered for the series which will no doubt be a hard fought battle down to the wire.
Let’s take a look.

Team: Lumia Racing.
Drivers: Zarf, IdIot1995.
Lumia racing are a new team to the DSRL entering in the number 2 Ginetta. Both drivers are new to the DSRL but I am sure they will be at the sharp end of the grid this season with Zarf and IdIot1995 showing flashes of pace in testing and the pre season race at Hockenhiem. Zarf is the young 16 year old prodigy of the team looking to take not only his first league win, but his first league championship. His pace in the pre season races saw him take a great 3rd and 5th. I believe he will be there in the fight all season. IdIot1995 on the other hand is a dark horse. He has shown he has what it takes to be on pace with the front runners this season with a good time set in practice, but struggled to convert this into race pace. He will look to get on top of this come the start of the season. Consistency could prove to be his downfall. Only time will tell for Lumia Racing.

Team name: Will Griggs Motorsport.
Drivers: HateW0rldW1de, FoolishSwami98.
Will Griggs Motorsport are another new team to the DSRL entering the number 15 Ginetta into the field with two new drivers. HateW0rldW1de is looking to prove his worth in the series. In the pre season race he found himself starting 4th for race 1 but was up into 2nd off the start after getting his #15 Ginetta off the line well. However he then had a spin into the wall on the exit at turn 1 and struggled from there to finish 7th. He will hope for a better round 1. FoolishSawmi98 is also a newcomer to the league. His pace is unknown due to him missing the pre season due to other commitments, but will be looking for some strong races during the season.

Team name: W07 Motorsport.
Drivers: Webbers88, Lemarrrrrr.
W07 Motorsport return to the DSRL with the same driver line up entering the number 18 Ginetta . They had a strong season last time out in the Formula 2000 UK championship finishing a strong 3rd. They will look to improve on this in this series as both drivers will look to find some more consistency. Webbers88 finished 3rd in the driver title in the Formula 2000 UK Championship with 4 wins throughout the season. He has so far shown some pace in his number 18 Ginetta at the pre season race finishing 5th and 6th. Lemarrrrrr has not been in the car as of yet but showed some strong performances last season in the Formula 2000’s picking up a fantastic win at Oulton Park in the tricky wet conditions, this left him 9th overall. He will be one to watch this season.

Team name: RDT3 Racing.
Drivers: Rebel Whitey, RD Infern0.
T3 Racing have returned to the DSRL, but have picked up a new driver called RD Infern0 to partner Rebel Whitey in the 31 Ginetta. He has took a stake in the team making the new team name RDT3 racing. Rebel Whitey had a mixed pre season finished 10th and 3rd. He clearly has the pace in this car once he gets some laps in so will be another key player in the title race. He claimed 2 podiums in the Formula 2000’s, but showed brilliant consistency to take 5th place overall. RD Infern0 only raced in 2 rounds of the Formula 2000’s but in those 6 races scored 3 second place finishes. His pace in the Ginetta showed at Hockenhiem as he scored a 4th place in race 1 but did not participate in race 2 due to a car problem. Watch out for RDT3 Racing this series.

Team name: MunLow Racing.
Drivers: stevielow, Le Mundo.
Another retuning team to the DSRL is Munlow Racing. Retuning with the famous duo of stevielow and Le Mundo running there number 34 car. MunLow Racing finished a great 2nd place in the Formula 2000’s. stevielow had a strong season in the Formula 2000’s finishing 4th overall in the drivers championship and taking 4 podiums in the season. He will be hoping for more this season after getting a 4th place in race 2 at the pre season race. Le Mundo showed his consistently good points scoring with sealing 7th overall in the Formula 2000’s. His pre season did not go to plan but will be hoping for better results come the start of the season.

Team Name: Racing Lions.
Drivers: Hurt MaGurt, Orange Tiger NL.
The Racing Lions team are a new entry into the DSRL however Hurt MaGurt is no stranger to the league entering in the Formula 2000’s and finishing 2nd Overall with 7 podiums but no wins. He will be looking to get a win early in the Ginetta Junior Sprint Cup to ignite his title charge. Orange Tiger NL is fairly new to the DSRL. Although in the Formula 2000’s he only entered 6 races but scored 4 podiums. He will be another to watch this season.

Team Name: CRT.
Drivers: ReadingRich, aidtheace.
CRT re-enter the championship with the number 72 Ginetta with ReadingRich and new team member and Formula 2000’s Champion aidtheace. ReadingRich Finished 8th overall in the Formula 2000’s with some good results but consistency proved difficult. aidtheace will be hoping to have another strong season and help to take CRT up the top. He took 12 wins from the 18 he competed in, and will be looking to do the same in his Ginetta the time out.

Team Name: CNM Team UK.
Drivers: dailyboy3, millard3122.
Another new team entering there number 13 Ginetta into the sprint cup are CNM Team UK. They have two new drivers with the likes of dailyboy3 and millard3122 taking to the wheel. There pace is an unknown but did have a good first outing in round 1 at the nurburgring, with dailyboy3 taking 15th and 17th retrospectively, and millard3122 taking a 12th and 13th position. This was a good start for the boys at CNM Team UK on there first endeavour in the DSRL. They will look to get some more strong results at Brands Hatch GP on Sunday 26th June.

Team Name: OAP's
Drivers: D4NINHO, micko39
The number 80 Ginetta is entered by the team OAP's. As the team name gives away, they have an older driver in there mist. micko39 is an older gentleman from Kent which has the pace of the young guns. He has proved his worth many times in other racing leagues but is yet to show his pace on the DSRL. He will be no doubt one to watch with his consistency and pace. D4NINHO is a young driver but also has the pace of the front runners. This was show in round 1 when D4NINHO secured a place in the A lobby with a time to put him 2nd on the board but secured a 4th in race 1 and 6th place in race 2. He will be looking to get a pole position and win under his belt early in the season after the pace he has shown.

Next we will take a look at the privateers. There are 7 so far and I am sure more to come.
Lets take a look.

Name: Boothy116.
Boothy116 is a relatively new member to the DSRL but showed brilliant pace last time out in the Formula 2000’s taking 2 wins, 3 podiums and 11th place in the standings after only 3 rounds. He proved to be fast but we are yet to see his pace in his number 11 Ginetta.

Name: Mr Drift Ninga.
New member Mr Drift Ninga is an unknown at the moment having entered for the championship late. He will be looking to start with a bang taking a win first time out.

Name: Odbba11.
Odbba11 is again another new member to the DSRL and his pace is also unknown with the number 14 Ginetta. He may come out the gates fast, or may take a while to get going. Who knows.

Name: EpilepticToast.
Another new driver who is one to watch. He is a fast driver with great constancy. I have raced him personally on other leagues and had some great battles. Im sure they will be resumed this season showing his pace in his number 16 Ginetta, taking a 2nd and 1st in the pre season races.

Name: SIMONZ01.
Returning driver SIMONZ01 will make his return in the number 36 Ginetta. He had a some good races in the Formula 2000’s last season but had some major incidents that cost him some good points.

Name: Adamski Alders.
Adamski Alders is a new member to the DSRL and will be looking to get off to a good start in his number 50 Ginetta. We do not know what his speed is like but im sure he will be keen to show us at round 1.

Name: Simmosumo
Simmosumo will take the reins of the number 24 Ginetta. He had a good first outing at the nurburgring qualifying 8th overall and finishing well with a first league win in race 1 and a 5th in race 2. He will be hoping he can keep this pace up for the rest of the season for a strong overall finish.

We will see you at the Nurburgring for round 1 of the Ginetta Junior Sprint Cup.

By aidtheace

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Post by TM aidtheace on Tue Jun 21, 2016 4:50 pm

NEW ENTRYS! CNM Team UK have been added to the Driver Bios along with the OAP's and the priveteer Simmosumo

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